Nintendo Wii U Not For Resales/Demo Disks

*NOTE* This page will cover ALL not for resales for ALL regions. So USA and EUR will go here due to there not being many other region besides USA.

This is the official list of all known not for resales/demo/kiosk disc. This list will include ALL variants and their counterparts, but will be separated into groups of main, barcode sticker only/full game discs, and variants. For Wii U, the games will be based by their date, similar to how Gamecube was in the beginning with their versions.

(*) A * by a name states that it has a not for resale label, but never came with a back not for resale sticker of any kind.

Kiosk Disc/Demo Not For Resales (USA) Edit

  • May 14
  • August 14
  • December 14
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