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Not for resales and demos of all consoles (mostly it will be Nintendo, but lets make it complete) History, info, pictures, prices, and more! This will be the ultimate place and only place you need for your not for resale collecting needs

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Current To Do List! Edit

If anyone wants to contribute to the site, then this is where the latest needed pages/photos/updates is needed to to be added to the site!

  • * We need photos and information for Super Smash Bros., Pokemon Snap Blockbuster, Yoshi International, Zelda Majora's Mask Gray, and Wrestlemania 2000 Nintendo 64 not for resales.!
  • Most of the Super Nintendo has no pages or photos yet. Go to List of SNES Not For Resales and start working on them!
  • Wii and Gamecube have not been finished yet. Please be patient while we get those lists up and complete!

Nintendo Master ListsEdit

We will be focusing on Nintendo right now, but other systems will be added in the future! At the top navigation has a drop-down with complete lists of not for resales for each Nintendo console.

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